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ASA Staffing World 2019

October 15th-17th, 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada

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CloudCall is a Proud Associate Member of the American Staffing Association. Visit CloudCall at Booth 547 to discover unmatched CRM integration.

CloudCall unified communications brings voice, text, and instant messaging into your CRM/ATS to capture valuable conversation data and generate important business insights. 


With CloudCall, you can:

  • Fly through tasks with click-to-call
  • Reduce the time spent on admin tasks with call notes & call recording
  • Personalize every call & build better relationships
  • Enhance your CRM data & add insights to every engagement



"CloudCall continues to be an easy-to-use feature of our infrastructure. Our consultants spend the majority of their day on calls and CloudCall makes the process incredibly swift and straightforward."
- Harrington Starr

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